Personal data inc. childhood, education, employment, etc.

  • SCHOOL: Bishop Vesey's Grammar School, Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire

  • FIRST EMPLOYMENT: Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, 1952-1954   Scientific Assistant, Physics Group, Isotopes Division under J. L. Putman

    BSc. Special Hons. Physics, University of Reading, Berks. 1954-1957
    Metallurgy Research (Self diffusion coeff. iron), Reading 1958
    PhD Mathematics, University of Southampton, Hants. 1959-1961

  • POSTGRADUATE EMPLOYMENT 1: Ferranti London Computer Centre (later ICSL), 1962-1965 Senior programmer and project leader responsible for various applications including the Atlas Linear Programming System.

  • POSTGRADUATE EMPLOYMENT 2: Engineering Computations. Initially a partnership specialising in structural stress analysis. The partnership was dissolved in 1971 but the firm continued as a sole tradership working in a wider range of OR and engineering applications.

    Fellow British Computer Society (FBCS)
    Chartered Engineer (CEng)

    Most scientific computer languages and utilities inc. FORTRAN,

    I have designed and developed many software systems for applications in civil and structural engineering. Much of this has been commissioned by government departments, notably the Highways Engineering Computer Branch of the Department of the Environment and the Building Research Establishment. A full listing of projects is too extensive, and boring, to include here but I would mention that many have involved non-linear optimisation in the solution of design problems. The largest project (not involving optimisation) was for the design and implementation of BREEZE - a system for computing airflow and contaminant dispersal in large multi-chamber buildings under a variety of environmental conditions. In 1993 I was awarded the CIBSE Napier medal for a paper based on BREEZE results and, as I was told by the President, for the development of the program.

  • RECREATION: Sport has played a large part in my life.

    • Cricket:
      First teams for school, Reading University, Southampton University, Finchley Cricket Club, and other teams.

    • Weightlifting:
      Competitive amateur olympic lifting (1952-1961).
      Society of Amateur Weightlifters silver medallist 1960.

    • Athletics:
      Member of a variety of county, university, and regional teams.

    • Kendo:
      Nikyu at Shinto Ryu (London) (1968)

    • Croquet:
      Winner: The Chairman's Salver 1976, 1978.
      Winner: The Presidents Cup 1979.
      Winner: The UK Golf Croquet Championship (1985).
      Member of England team for eight years from 1980.
      Member of Great Britain team for first ever test match against the USA (1985).