THREE COWS PER FIELD   -   James Willson

TWO-PLAYER GAME (Amended 23 Nov.)

Players play alternately and must place a previously unplayed piece if at all possible. The piece just placed may then be rotated by the current player if he wishes. If the piece played does not fit, and is returned automatically to the right-hand panel, the player forfeits his turn. No piece removals are permitted.

If a player closes a fully tiled field (containing no empty squares) he scores as many points as there are animals in the field. It is possible that more than one field may be completed by the placement of a single piece. In such a case, all the animals in the newly formed closed fields are scored.

When it is impossible to place a new piece from the right-hand panel, the current player may move and/or rotate any single piece. The next player may do the same with a different piece, but no further placement is permitted. The game then ends, and the winner is the player with the greater score.