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of every type for sale.

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    Entries are in alphabetical order of domain name.

  • IQ Test
    IQ and related tests you can take online. These include some games and puzzles.

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    We provide superior wow accounts 24/7 service. Hundreds of wow accounts here. Buy cheap wow account here with secure transaction and good service.

  • Cool online games
    Play Kids Games provides free online kids games that are both fun and educational.

  • Girls Dressing Up Games
    One of the best website to play Girl Games online along with other games like Dress up Games, Love games, make up games, all girls games, barbie games and much more.

  • Play Car Games Online
    Play thousands of free car games including car racing games, car parking games, car driving games and more. Latest free sports games are being added to this website every day.

  •    A site devoted to the analysis of the game design process with observations on the future of the art.

  •    A beautifully presented site of original and interactive mazes created by Andrea Gilbert.

  •   This is the site for a Bristol-based company producing beautifully made wooden burr puzzles many with curved surfaces.

  •   A splendid jigsaw puzzle site with on-line puzzles (drag and drop the pieces). You can also order 'hardware' jigsaws from them, and they offer a service creating jigsaws from your submitted pictures. logos, etc.

  •   This site is a must for all interested in the rules and history of card games. In addition David has written on the history of board games and has invented many, notably 'Hare and Tortoise'.

  •   An excellent site for card and other solitaire games.

  •" A site containing download links for many games and puzzles, mostly in Adobe PDF format.

  •   This site offers over 1000 downloadable games for free, and others at prices around $10.00 One assumes that the latter are the best games.

  • fighting free games - Play fighting games from the huge database of fightinggameslist absolutely free.

  •   Play free online games, fun games, puzzle games, action games, sports games, flash games, adventure games, multiplayer games, and more on this site.

  •   An Australian company mrketing a wide range of games & puzzles including jigsaws, and novelty items.

  •   This is the site for KADON Enterprises who are probably America's principal producers of hands-on puzzles in lasercut acrylic and wood.

  •    A site for all gamers with PCs, XBOX etc. Includes comment, a forum, and much 'know how'.

  •    A Bristol-based company with a wide range of colourful games and puzzles worth investigation. I gain the impression that some are looking for a manufacturer or publisher.

  •   This site, run by Richard Rognlie, must be the premier 'Play by E-mail' games site and offers a very wide selection of the more intelligent games.

  •    Jorge Best has produced some interesting mazes incorporating tunnels opened and closed by 'switches' to be visited whilst traversing the mazes.

  •    This is 'The Online Games and Puzzles Journal' run by George Jelliss. It presents a large number of mathematical puzzles and curiosities perhaps with a slight bias towards those with Chess associations. There are some playable games including my Thoughtwave.

  •    Joker's Java game site. Contains many attractive and original games in the maze category.

  •   Robert Abbott's site. Robert is the renowned inventor of Eleusis, the inductive card game featured in Martin Gardner's column in Scientific American. He has a number of other excellent games to his credit and in recent years has become the authority on interactive mazes.

  •   This large site run by Ed Pegg is packed with every conceivable mathematical problem, solved and unsolved. Highly recommended, even if you don't have a maths background.

  •   A site presenting, and selling, Susannah Lees's media trading game produced to a high standard.

  •   A Spanish company marketing board games produced as easily postable (light weight) versions. One of my games, Corporation, (aka Lawmaker) is included.

    Play online games. Some entertaining, though not intellectual games. Instructions not always clear and the english is terrible. How do you 'drug' the mouse!?

  • Play Online Games
    Play over eight thousand free online games including multiplayer Flash games. New free games are added to the database on a daily basis.

  • Online Chess Lessons    Online Chess lessons from some of the best Chess coaches! Ichessu Ltd. is one of the best websites that offers live online Chess lessons from some of the best Chess coaches. Monthly fees vary from 10$ to 350$.

  •   A large number of free to play jigsaws.

  •   This is Frank Pott's page concerned in the main with mechanical puzzles. The site advertises various proprietary puzzles including some beautiful dissections and metal puzzles, discusses such puzzles, and includes several logic puzzles one of which is a very amusing example recovered from an old copy of the Sunday Times.

  •   This is a site which I had not heard of before. Leonid Mochalov is one of Russia's foremost puzzle designers and his site includes a wide variety of word, number, maze, polyomino, and burr puzzles. Be warned though that the English is somewhat macaronic, and some instructions appear to be in a foreign language - probably Russian, though my browser renders it unintelligible.

  •   A collection of light weight games for kids. I cannot understand some of the rules, probably because I am adult!

  •   A large collection of games and puzzles for children of school age. Many have educational value, as you would expect.

  • Free Online Sports Games
    Play thousands of free sports games including soccer games, online racing games, online sports games, baseball games, basketball, cricket, golf games and more. Latest free sports games are being added to this website every day.


  • http://G&P Index   This is an index to Games & Puzzles magazine.

  •   This is an attractive casino site specialising in Roulette of many types.

  •   A selection of war games