Free Backgammon game.

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I have not aimed to produce a near unbeatable program, though some improvements to the algorithms may be forthcoming. The first Entropy program was written by Thad Frogley for which players are grateful. But the instantaneous program turns could make it quite difficult to discern what move the program had made. This program solves that problem by animating moves by both Chaos and Order. When you use the clock, time spent in program 'thinking', animation, and in looking at the 'Instructions' panel is not added to the time display though this would be quite small.

Note that if you are 'timed out' the message stating it will appear only when you make your next move. However, the clock will read zero. If the clock fails to appear it is because you omitted to press 'ENTER' after typing your time limit into the text box - Tut, Tut!.

The board game is currently marketed in Germany by FRANJOS under the name HYLE-7.